Current Owner: North American Alliance of Business Brokers.

Thank you for showing an interest in our turnkey business brokerage for sale. NAABB is North America’s largest and most well-respected business brokerage services firm. Originally formed in 2001 by A.S. Radin & Associates and owner Scott Radin, we rebranded in 2011 to the North American Alliance of Business Brokers known internationally as simply NAABB.

We just surpassed $110,000,000 in active listings value

Never cold call or canvass because we develop leads with you following up with them. The comprehensive training and support systems includes a secure clubhouse. Longevity and certification aligned behind a 17-year-old industry leading company. The industry’s only managed social media / app platforms for business brokers. The industry’s only streaming YouTube channel for business brokers. And we provide a money back guarantee.

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